4 Ways to Keep Your Resume Up to Date

4 Ways to Keep Your Resume Up to Date


You never know when you might need your resume. If somebody asked for your resume today, would it be ready?

If you haven’t revisited your resume for a while, then now is the time to make sure it is up to date. It will require some effort, but it will all be worth — saving you from stress and hassle plus it will serve as a good tool for keeping an eye on your career progress.

Here are 4 tips to keep your resume updated:

1. Have a self-assessment.
Take some time to reflect on your career goals and plans. Make sure you update your career objective/summary. It should instantly communicate your career target and highlight your key selling points.

If you’re thinking about changing careers or industries, be sure you’ve clearly defined your goal.

2. Keep track of your accomplishments at work.
Start to create a habit of writing down your daily or weekly work accomplishments. List down key tasks completed, challenges solved, or even just significant progress made. And keep anything that makes you feel good about yourself professionally, even if it’s just a quick message from a co-worker.

You should also regularly update your resume with relevant accomplishments such as new skills developed, new job duties or promotion, recently achieved certifications, and other similar achievements.

3. Update keywords relevant to your goals.
Research what terms are relevant to your industry and incorporate these keywords in your resume. Remember that these can change over time, so keep your research up-to-date.

4. Edit and proofread your resume.
You should always be prepared to submit your resume at the drop of a hat.

So everytime you make changes to your resume, make sure you edit it and have it proofread. Look out for information that needs to be updated from previous versions such as months or years of experience, contact details, references, etc.


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