6 Things You Must Have on your Professional LinkedIn Profile

6 Things You Must Have on your Professional LinkedIn Profile


According to LinkedIn, users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. It is highly recommended to complete your LinkedIn profile for better search rank.

To complete your profile and get the ‘All-Star’ (100%) level, you must accomplish the following:

 1. A Professional Photo

Having a professional picture on your LinkedIn profile is really important. In fact, according to LinkedIN, profiles with photos are 7x more likely to be viewed by others. Just make sure to choose your picture carefully since first impression can count for a lot.

2. Attention Getting Headline (include your industry and location)

Use your headline to draw people into your profile. Make your headline stand out by highlighting your best qualities, skills and expertise, not just your title. Provide a clear value statement in a catchy way.  Include the industry you work in and your geographic location under your headline as well.

3. Experience (current position and previous work and education details)

The experience section of your LinkedIn profile is an online version of your resume. So it is important to keep your experience (employment, education, and industry) updated since this is one of the first things employers will check.  Provide a detailed description of your current and past roles (at least two) with a focus on value and results vs just a day to day duties.

 4. Killer Summary

Be creative in describing who you are and the things you’re passionate about. Highlight your key accomplishments  and throw in some relevant media links. Don’t forget to include a call to action by including your contact information.

5. Skills and Endorsements (minimum of 3)

The skills section of your LinkedIn profile is where you can go crazy with keywords. Be sure to add the right skills that are relevant to your sector. Try to get endorsed for skills (at least 3) to help improve your LinkedIN search ranking. Endorsements are great way to validate your skills and areas of expertise.

6. Connections (at least 50 connections)

LinkedIn requires you to have at least 50 or more connections in order to achieve a completed profile. You can ask someone to join your professional network by sending them an invitation to connect. Just make sure you know and trust the people you invite and write a personal message when you send out invitations.

It would also be good to add your professional email address and your company or personal Twitter account so people can easily contact you. By the way, you can personalise your URL by clicking on ‘Edit profile’ and ‘Edit contact info’.

If you need help in refreshing your LinkedIn presence and brand, contact us today and we’ll help you achieve your full potential on LinkedIn.