About Leslie Toth

In today’s job market YOUR resume is a marketing document. YOU are the product you’re marketing.

Leslie Toth, President of Toth Resume Consulting LLC, comes from a distinguished 15+ year career in human resources and is a certified professional resume writer. As a human resources professional she has had experience with hiring, training, and retaining new talent. Her portfolio includes over 7 years of client success stories.

Her experience as a recruiter has allowed Leslie the unique opportunity to partner with top companies, including several on the Fortune 500 list. As a result of this extensive experience, Leslie knows what hiring managers are looking for and what it takes for candidates to be successful in a job hunt.

She is skilled in the art of developing effective resumes and has a documented track record of helping people achieve their career goals.

What makes Leslie stand out from the competition is her gifted ability to write a professional resume after a personal phone coaching interview. Her team of talented human resource professionals also craft top notch profiles, but EVERY resume is thoroughly reviewed before delivery to a client.

She creates, writes, and wordsmiths your resume from the goals and objectives YOU provide. Custom, professional resumes with your personal brand can be crafted within 72 hours after the phone interview.

The results will land interviews for the quality jobs you deserve. Call (888) 203-7607 for your free consultation today!