Is Your High Schooler’s Resume Blowing Their Chances at Top College Picks?

Is Your High Schooler’s Resume Blowing Their Chances at Top College Picks?

High School Resume

Often I’m asked if a high school student needs a professional resume. Of course my immediate and obvious answer is “yes”. But not for the reasons many may think. According to the National Center for Educations Statistics, over 21 million students attend colleges and universities throughout the United States.  So as millions of applications line the desks of college admissions managers, ask yourself – how does your child’s application stand out?

In the admissions process, the only opportunity your child may have to right their own recommendation with bias is their application essay and resume. Therefore, a poorly written resume can immediately paint the wrong impression of those they’re trying to impress. Grammar, neatness, and content are important on a high school resume. For instance:

  • Is the resume loaded with every activity and organization your child participated? Let’s hope not.
  • Is it all high school leadership and not about outside activities? A no-no.
  • Is it jam packed to make it appear as if you have a “Superchild”? Sometimes that’s not so impressive, even if they do wear a cape.
  • Does it show any true work experience in a well written fashion? Any job (babysitting, McDonald’s, wearing the mouse suit at Chuck E. Cheese) for a high school student is noteworthy. But how it’s worded matters.
  • Is it formatted properly and proofed thoroughly? Using a fun font and teen slang is not recommended.
  • Did you search “how to write a high school resume for college”, and then adapt that format? Yep – so did everyone else.

Taking a proactive approach to assist your high school junior or senior prepare their college admissions package(s) is not enabling. While we all walked 10 miles to school, one-way and in the snow, it’s been years since you yourself had to prepare for the most important next step of academics. Times have changed and it’s about standing out from the other millions of college applicants who are jockeying for the same position in a college or university. So don’t let your child blow it. Help them prepare the very best college admissions application(s) which includes a professional high school resume. I’m most certain it’s an inexpensive cost to an investment that will pay loads of dividends.

The Toth Resume Consulting team can help with the college application process. We have a variety of services to guide you and your high school student through the ins and outs of admissions; including reviewing college essays and writing and building a successful high school resume. Call (888) 203.7607 or email for more information.