Here’s What Our Clients are Saying

D. Rosen

Leslie is a very talented resume writer. With her Human Resources/Recruiting background she is very knowledgeable on what hiring managers are looking for in a resume. I have already recommended her services to my colleagues.

T. Roberts

Wow…that’s pretty much all I can say. You’re worth every penny Leslie!! I’m re-reading it, but I can’t see anything that I don’t like. Thanks so much!!

J. Smithers

I had the resume looked at by several recruiters and they reacted very positively to it. I am very happy with the new resume and I really appreciate your help and expertise. I really like the new cover letter and appreciate your help.

J. Watts

Leslie, this resume and cover letter looks OUTSTANDING! I don’t see anything that I would want to change. All in all, this resume looks like it will definitely give me the boost I need to finally get a call back/interview. Thank you so much!


Leslie, my resume looks AWESOME!!! You are very talented and should be commended for an OUTSTANDING job!! Thank you for all your help. Thanks to you, I should be able to have more success…and will definitely recommend your services!!!


Hi Leslie, I think the documents look great and capture what I’m trying to convey with a career change. Thank you very much for your time and effort.


Leslie, excellent job, I am very pleased. I posted the resume and it has been very well received already. Thank you.

J. Ryczak

Leslie – I love the new revision. It is money well spent. I believe this revision will provide me with an even more competitive edge in the market place. Thank you very much!

M. Lada

Perfect these are just what I was looking for. Thanks so much, I now know I will be getting more interviews after they see the new Resume.

M. Derrick

Leslie, WOW! After reading this, I think I should hire me! This is better than I expected! Thanks.

S. Davidoff

Leslie, thanks. It looks great and very professional. I appreciate all your help as well as your constructive criticism. I’m very pleased with the end results; I’ll be sure to let my friends and coworkers know about you! Again, thanks.